What is vegan leather?

Our vegan leather mats are 100% synthetic and therefore contains zero animal materials. The fabric composition is nylon which is then polyurethane (PU) coated on both sides which gives it durable qualities such as being water impermeable and stain resistant. PU is a high quality, soft & durable material.

Our vegan leather looks and feels like beautiful genuine leather but functions with extremely durable properties in comparison. It really is "the luxury of leather - only better".


Is your vegan leather safe for children?

Absolutely. Our vegan leather is custom made for our brand so we have control over the standards produced. It is manufactured to strict international safety standards for children's products (EN-71) and then independently tested to ensure it contains no lead, arsenic, chromium and a long list of other harmful heavy metals and toxic substances.


How can I smooth out the crease lines on my mat?

By folding your mat it naturally develops crease lines. Through using your mat these crease lines will disappear however to expedite this we recommend that you hang your mat overnight (using the hang strap) as weight helps a lot.

Further to this you can place your mat in direct sunlight for an hour or so. To avoid recurrence of crease lines, hang your mat to store rather than fold. 


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