• Finally, an easy-clean kids lounge chair that won’t mess with your aesthetics.

    vegan leather loungers

  • simply wipe clean on both sides.

    the perfect baby changing mat

  • why vegan leather...

    our vegan leather fabric is made for the modern lifestyle. Shake off dirt, wipe off marks & you're ready to re-use.

    - luxurious look & feel.

    - durable.

    - wipeable.

    - stain resistant.

    - waterproof.

    - non toxic.

our all-purpose mat range

the UNI. the COASTER. the NOMAD. the VILLAGE.

Premium double sided 100% vegan leather, multi-functional mats that you can use for just about anything.

Waterproof, wipeable, stain resistant, durable, buttery soft and BEAUTIFUL.

Shake off dirt, wipe off marks and you're ready to re-use.

About us...

We are a small business which is family owned and operated, located in Perth, Western Australia.

​Following the arrival of our first daughter in 2016, who had severe reflux for 6 + months, we found that we were forever washing anything she would lay on. We thought, surely there is a wipeable play mat out there which she can play on that is also stylish and would suit the interiors of our home...