SECONDS SALE - Table Runner -

SECONDS SALE - Table Runner

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Seconds sale on our table runners. These table runners feature the same product details as our full priced table runner however our seconds sale items have minor imperfections on some or all of the following -

  • logo imperfection
  • edges imperfections

Second sale items are sold on an as-is basis with no returns available.

  • Clean by shaking off any loose dirt, then wipe clean with a baby wipe or damp rag and gentle cleaner.

  • Avoid sharp objects, permanent markers/pens, acrylic paints or anything with a heavy dye. Some mineral sunscreens as these may stain.

  • Do not machine wash, iron, bleach or dry clean.

  • Ensure your item is dry before storing.

  • When storing, hang your product instead of folding to reduce crease lines occurring.

Seconds sale items are sold in as-is condition, at a heavily discounted price, and will not be eligible for a refund or exchange.

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