the UNI. the COASTER. the NOMAD. the VILLAGE.

the UNI. the COASTER. the NOMAD. the VILLAGE.

Premium double sided 100% vegan leather, multi-functional mats that you can use for just about anything.

Waterproof, wipeable, stain resistant, durable, buttery soft and BEAUTIFUL.

Shake off dirt, wipe off marks and you're ready to re-use!


Mat guide below:





Commonly used as…

UNI Mat 37 x 65cm Baby changing mat & placemat

1 baby or

1 toddler

COASTER Mat 98 x 98cm High chair mat, small play mat, craft mat

4 children or

2 adults

NOMAD Mat 136 x 136cm Picnic mat, beach mat, play mat, craft mat

2 adults &

2 children

VILLAGE Mat 2 x 2metres Picnic mat, beach mat, party mat, play mat

Up to

8-10 adults

5 products

5 products

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.